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Do you manage or are you on the board of your Home Owners Association? We can save you money and reduce the heavy truck ware on your roads and noise in your neighborhood. Support local business and help us in our efforts to save local lives; call us today to covert your neighborhood to Pink Trash (green trash & recycle cans available). 301.294.9700

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Should I have My Trash Out For Pickup?

We ask all residential customers to have their trash out by 7:00am on their service day.

What Can I Do To Prevent Animals From Digging In My Trash?

If you have pesky animals digging through your trash, you must be sure you have your lid secured to the can. If you just use bags, either double-bag the trash, or put one small dab of ammonia on the bag. This will repel any hungry little pest. Also, put your trash out the morning of your pick-up instead of the night before.

It Is Very Windy Outside. How Can I Secure My Can So It Doesn't Blow Away?

There really is no way to completely secure the can. After our drivers service the can, they will secure the lid back on and lay the can down so the lid stays in place and the can won’t travel too far. Also, look under the “Tips” section below.

What Happens If It Snows? Will There Be A Pickup?

It depends on the severity of the storm or depth of snow and/or ice. Check the “Latest Updates” in our sidebar for details.

I Live In A Single Family Home Or Town Home; What Do I Do When I Want To Throw Away Metal?

The Montgomery County Department of Solid Waste Services has a metal recycling program. Call 240-777-6410 to schedule a pick-up.

Do You Work Holidays?

We work every holiday except for Christmas Day and New Years Day. If you are in a Home Owners Association, please contact your HOA for your holiday schedule.

How Do I Get One Of Your Toters On Wheels?

Toters are available for our residential customers for a monthly fee of $5.00. You may call our office; one of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you.

What Are Your Office Hours?

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

How Do I Schedule A Bulk Pickup?

To schedule a bulk pick up, click on Request Bulk Pickup on the sidebar of our website.

Extra Helpful Tips...

Never leave any item which is not for disposal next to your trash can, bag, or cart on pick-up day. Never put paint or other liquids in your trash. If you have old paint cans, be sure the remaining paint is completely dry. You can add a little sand or dirt to speed the process. Please call our office to let us know you will be placing cans out for pick-up. If it is windy the day of your scheduled pick-up, you may want to take the bagged trash out of the can and just put the bag out for pick-up. Empty cans have a habit of wind-surfing. If you have any material which can blow around easily (packing peanuts, etc.), bag them in a secure fashion. If you have an item to put out for us to pick-up and you are not sure whether it is OK to put out with the regular trash, please call our office and our staff will assist you.