About Potomac Disposal

Recycling and refuse removal are an important part of our everyday life. Keeping our environment clean and sustainable is of the utmost importance. However, you shouldn’t have to worry or be concerned about your recycling or refuse service. We feel our customers have enough to worry about as it is. We strive to make our services dependable, reliable, affordable, and worry free.

President and local resident Kelly Buffalino, mother of two was frustrated at the poor service and excessive add on fees her husband's business was receiving from its national waste management provider. With an extensive background in accounting, Kelly calculated the direct costs of service and was determined to provide the community with a service driven, environmentally focused and cost effective solution. Kelly developed a flat rate, no fee business model and organized an experienced team to coordinate operations.


In 2019 - In an effort to save local lives; Kelly and her team expanded to Gaithersburg, Maryland  where they teamed up with Potomac Disposal, celebrating their 35th year in business providing trash & recycle service to Montgomery County residents and businesses.

Why Pink? Because its our favorite color and the high visibility attracts new customers…. Besides, brown, blue & grey were already taken by waste management.

On a serious note, inspired and determined to make a difference in our community we are focused on saving local lives through paying for cancer treatment for local women and men. Since 2011 our ownership has paid for over $3,000,000 in life saving cancer treatment for family, friends, neighbors and people in the communities where we live.


Our Green Mission

Potomac Disposal is now the only residential trash company in Montgomery County using natural gas vehicles. These vehicles are the cleanest burning in the industry. For our other trucks in the fleet, we equip them with the OPS Oil Purification System, providing many environmental benefits. For example: OPS eliminates the need for oil drains, reduces oil consumption, and reduces waste oil generation. Because the OPS keeps the engine oil soot-free, the engine burns CLEANER! Our non-natural gas vehicles also run on ultra-low-sulfur diesel. This is the cleanest burning fuel on the market!

Integrating clean burning natural gas vehicles and utilizing the OPS Oil Purification Systems are costly to us but they both have proven to be enormously beneficial to the environment.

Every year Potomac Disposal recycles thousands of tons of glass, aluminum, plastic, tin, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, metal, and yard waste generated by Montgomery County residents and businesses.

For front end containers requiring locks, we use the Serious Lock Gravity Lock-Bar System. This system does not require the driver to repeatedly get in and out of the truck to unlock the can, dump it, and re-lock. With this system, the driver pulls up to the can and simply dumps it and moves on. This significantly reduces idling time, which in turn reduces air emissions!

Reducing our carbon footprint, improving air quality, and recycling thousands of tons of waste every year… This is Potomac Disposal’s Green Mission.